Project Management 24/7

Our project managers are available around the clock to solve and deliver solutions to your data room needs, and beyond, at a moment’s notice. From arranging a physical data room in Buenos Aires within the hour, to cost management consulting, they’re here to help you get it done. Faster.

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A project manager is here for anything you need

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Project Managers

Our support team isn’t comprised of just any customer service reps. They’re trained by industry experts to know your specific industry needs when operating within a VDR.

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Problem Solving

Venue® Virtual Data Room project managers are always available, no matter the need.

Control users' access Arrange a physical data room
Translations Monitor costs and invoices
Print on-demand Content formatting
Edgar-izing documents Customizing interface
Disclosure compliance File delivery

Urgent Assistance

When an emergency arises, call a project manager for an extra set of hands. They're stationed across the globe, positioned to be there at the drop of a dime.

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Your potential investor is scheduled on an impromptu flight from New York to Tokyo. A quick call to a project manager, and you can have translated documents printed and delivered to the airport to be read on the flight.

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Before your potential investor lands, a project manager can have a physical data room set up and ready for the transaction.

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The transaction process lasts over a couple of days, but the physical files are safe with a project manager locking away all private documents each night.

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And any further assistance you’ll need during the transaction process can be handled by in-person consultation and support from a project manager.

Localized Support

Venue Data Rooms are the only ones in the industry with localized support no matter where in the world you do business. With over 500 global offices and service centers, and the ability to translate to and from 140 different languages and dialects across the globe, no other virtual data room can offer global support the way we can.

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